REVolution 300TVS SuperCharger Elise/Exige/211
REV300TVS Lotus SuperCharger
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This is the REV300! The kit comes with a flash tune and blower pulley that is 100% compatible and designed to work with a bone stock 2ZZ-GE engine.

It is easily upgradable to the REV400 as well!

Revolution M62 and TVS supercharging is the most powerful and comprehensive forced induction system available for the Lotus Elise, Exige, or 2 Eleven.

It is track tested, street friendly, emissions friendly***, and fully expandable!

Installation Notes are found here : REV Installation Notes

***Not CARB approved

If you are going to be running the stock ECU, you will need a tune for it. Please select the appropriate tune option for your model year. The tune we supply will include an OBD Flash Cable that will allow you to upload the tune from your laptop PC if you add a tune to the cart. At this time, 2005-2007 models will receive the BOE TorqueREV300 Flash. 2008+ models will receive a REV300 tune from Kold-Fire.

For information about the BOE TorqueREV300 Flash, click here

REV300 KIT w/o Tune
Price: $5640.00
2005-07 Flash Tune & Cable
Price: $660.00
2008+ Flash Tune & Cable
Price: $660.00


The REV300 is PERFECT for the track day, Auto Xer, or daily driver that’s looking for great power with added lightness and simplicity of a non-intercooled kit. The tractability and throttle response of the power cannot be duplicated by any other forced induction kit on the market. The intake volume of our manifold and the output of the TVS1320 are in perfect harmony for flawless power delivery on the high-revving 2ZZ-GE 4 cylinder.

A sturdier clutch is recommended for this setup.

***Sorry, this kit is not CARB approved.

Kit Includes

Lotus Specific Cast Intake Plenum
Lotus Specific Case Inlet “Swan Neck” w/ Enlarge Inlet
Harrop TVS 1320 TVS Supercharger: BOEREV Spec
Pulley for Stock Engine on “Pump Gas”
ITG Cold-Air Intake
REV300 MAF Housing
ARP Fasteners
CNC Machined and CAD designed Brackets
REV Oil Dipstick Tube and Dipstick
Serpentine Belt
Bosch EV-14 750cc Fuel Injectors (same as REV400 for easy upgrade!)
Everything Else Needed for Install Less Tools and Fluids!

NOTE: NOT all Components of the kit are pictured.

STOCK 2ZZ-GE Dyno Pull

2008 Elise. Stock Engine before and after REV300 Install

REV300 Installed with BOE ClamHinge and BOE Catch Can

Rev300 and Rev400 kits come with the ITG CAB Intake kit

Expertly CAD created and CNC Machined Components

ARP Engine Fasteners


Supercharging the Lotus Elise or Exige and BOE Fabrication are synonymous. We’ve done more supercharging of the Lotus S2 111 than anyone. Hundreds have found our products offered by Sector111, Blackwatch Racing, and direct from BOE.

Our latest, and monumental step in supercharging is called the Revolution Series. This is a system capable of more than 330whp on 91 octane fuel!
The Revolution starts with an all new aluminum casting that incorporates an internal Air-to-Water charge cooler.

The Revolution Series is:

• M62 or TVS Supercharger Friendly
    o Revolution natively attached to the TVS for the ultimate supercharged experience. However, the M62 will also work great with Revolution for those on tighter budgets or who are forced to run the OEM M62 supercharger for a race class.

• Direct upgrade for Blackwatch Racing or Sector111 Katana Supercharger kits.

• Modular. It can be purchased with or without the intercooler core with the option to upgrade later
    o Lower initial cost, while retaining an upgrade path

• Tight coupling of the heat exchanger with intake manifold
    o Less intake volume ==> crisper throttle response or greater supercharger pumping efficiency.
    o Shorter air flow distance ==> substantially reduced pressure drop & reduced weight of plumbing & lower parasitic power     consumption (higher net power).

• A/W Charge Cooler
    o High heat exchanger effectiveness and allows for proper packaging in a mid-engine platform to ensure the best efficiency possible

• Cast aluminum blower intake and plenum
    o Greater ability to make a shape that’s friendly to airflow than a fabricated and welded part. It also affords greater repeatability of quality and appearance from part to part.

• Dedicated radiator and circulation pump mounted in the engine bay (including the Elise!)
    o Efficient cooling and lower charge temps since there are no other components cooled by the system.
    o Easy installation with all the plumbing remaining in the rear of the car.

• High-Flow circulation pump made by Bosch with weather sealed custom wiring harness
    o Helps to ensure a trouble-free experience.

• Factory ECU tuning available or Standalone EFI engine management system available
    o Factory ECU tuning for those who need OEM functionality or standalone EMS for those that need the absolute most out of their setup.

Additional design elements include the side access panel for an easy upgrade to the charge-cooled version for those starting with the non-intercooled version.

Data ports for additional sensors and a new blower inlet that is pre-ported to accept a larger 70mm throttle body!

American made by Bell Intercoolers, Bar and Plate charge cooler that can be added afterwards through the access panel.