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Stage I TVS Super Charger plus EFI Standalone Engine Management for 2ZZ Elise/Exige, 275whp/175wtq: $7,200

The BOE TVS Supercharger system is the best and most comprehensive forced induction system on the market. We designed it with the track in mind first. However, it works great as a street solution as well! Throttle response is instantaneous. There's no turbo lag and it works perfectly within it's optimum efficiency range unlike other supercharger systems on the market that utilize the MP62 blower.

BOE TVS Supercharger

Start your build with a deposit of $500

  • Kit Includes
  • Dyno
  • EFI Engine Management
  • Background
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The kit includes everything you need for installation:

  1. TVS Blower, hardware, and intake manifolds (Inquire regarding upgrading from Katana or BWR MP62 kits)
  2. Open air intake
  3. Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump (track enthusiast should see our surge tank)
  4. EFI Technologies Standalone ECU and wiring
  5. Flow matched RC500cc Injectors
  6. Premium Gates Supercharger belt

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